Good Budget PSU for this System?

First off, here are the important specs of my PC.

CPU: AMD FX4100 Zambezi (stock at the moment, might overclock if PSU can handle it)
GPU: LeadTek Nvidia GeForce GTX285 1GB
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333 Ram (2x4GB)
HDD: 2x 7200RPM Sata Drives
Case: Cooler Master Elite 372
Motherboard: ASRock N68-GS FX
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Other parts (sorry if other components doesn't matter, just wanna be sure):
1x dvd-rom
6x 120mm Generic Case Fans, 5 of them connected directly to the PSU, 1 to the motherboard
1x 120mm BitFenix Spectre Blue LED fan, connected directly to the motherboard
1x Cooler Master Vortex Plus w/ 92mm fan, directly connected to motherboard
1x Cheap wifi card
1x USB Ultra flat Logitech keyboard
1x USB Thermaltake Azurues Mini gaming mouse
1x USB Elecom Webcam
1x USB occasional Samsung Champ cellphone charger

So here's story in bullet form (lol):
-Playing world of tanks, maximum settings at 1366x768 (except for foliage and flora density, both off or low)
-PC died with blue power LED lit up. Pulled the plug off since the holding down the power button did not shut it. After that, only makes a "tsk" sound, and the blue LED from my fan and the power button lights up for a split second. This "tsk" sound and split second power only happens after unplugging, replugging, and pushing the power button. Tested on another board, same thing. Fan from PSU does not react whatsoever, but seems that PSU is still getting power, because when I unplug it or switch it off via the |O switch, it does make some kind of "powering down" sound.
-Opened case, no burning smell but it was hot. No physical damage but, it was hot. Found out that the PSU 120mm Fan from my 500w AOne (from failed, leading it to overheating.

What I know:
PSU seems sufficient, already OC FX4100 to 3.8GHz, stock voltage. Stress tested the computer before about several hours a day @3.8GHz, no failing, shutting down whatsoever, so stock speeds should not be a problem, unfortunately it happened at CPU stock speed. No burning smell. Board or other components are not damaged from heat from PSU, as a 120mm fan blows in cool air on an empty section of the case between the PSU and the pci/pcie slots, and GPU fan speed(configured to gradually increase in respect with the temperature with rivatuner) and temperature was normal. I won't be using SLI or Crossfire. Might upgrade to a GTX550Ti.

So my questions are:
1) Is 500w sufficient for my system? If not, is 600w sufficient? Basically I love to play games. COD series, World of Tanks, DC Universe, CS:S at maximum settings with anti aliasing, BF3 and COH Biltzkrieg, ultra settings on object and character details, low settings on world details. Was going to start with adobe after effects.
2) Could it have damaged some components? No bloated capacitors so far, no burnt smell, physical damage whatsoever.
3) If 500-600w is sufficient, which 5 PSUs should I consider to get from this list? By the way, I'm from the Philippines and got a really tight budget, about 2k-3k Php ($48-$72). Best price would be around 2.5k Php ($60) or lower. Prices are converted from PHP to USD. Best price/performance would be appreciated. My eyes are on iMaster series, thermaltake series, FSP Hexa if 500w is sufficient, Antec Neo if 520w is sufficient. Litepower series, but found some negative reviews.

Cougar ST500W - $47.03
FSP HEXA HE500 (Eff>80%) 500w - $48.12
Thermaltake Smart 630W 80+ - $73.56
Thermaltake Smart 530W 80+ - $60.30
iMaster PRO 80+ 600W - $53.06
iMaster PRO 80+ 550w - $49.95
iMaster PRO 80+ 500w - $47.03
Antec Neo 520w - $53.06
CoolerMaster Extreme 525w - $50.65
CoolerMaster Extreme 500w - $47.03
Thermaltake LitePower 700w - $67.54
Thermaltake LitePower 600w - $57.89
Thermaltake LitePower 500w - $45.83
Acbel CE2 500w - $41
Silverstone ST50F 500w - $69.95
Huntkey Jumper modular 550w - $74.77
Huntkey APFC 600w - $57.89
Huntkey APFC 700w - $66.33
Huntkey Green Power LW-6500 500w - $43.42

Sorry for the long post lol!
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  1. Go for the Antec. It's the only real quality PSU in the list.
  2. abekl said:
    Go for the Antec. It's the only real quality PSU in the list.

    Is 520w sufficient for my system? I saw from this post that with the gtx285, at least a 550w PSU should be installed, but not sure if it is true.

    appreciate the quick reply, but Antec looks like a great deal, if sufficient. :)
  3. Yeah the Antec is sufficient.
  4. Cool! But despite the Antec PSU, what other PSU on that list would do fairly well with a bit higher wattage?
  5. The only other one that has a good review is this:

    Thermaltake Smart 630W
  6. Nice review, seems that 630w is their continuous power too, unlike other PSU which displays peak power. T.T So at the moment, Antec seems to be the first choice since, like you guys said, it is sufficient for my system. :) Will wait for more replies for a more solid choice. :D thanks so much!
  7. If not fixed by a PSU replacement, your symptoms could also indicate that a VRM on your mobo has fried. That's an ancient-tech mobo (updated for AM3+), so I wouldn't be surprised. With a fan failure though, it probably is the PSU. Hopefully it didn't take anything with it when it died.
    If the new PSU fixes it, I'd be very careful of high CPU overclocking on that board.

    Edit: Get the Antec. That one is built by Seasonic.
  8. Hopefully, but if it does, I wish it wouldn't be my CPU or GPU. But I don't think my mobo got any damage, physically looking and smelling it. It is an ancient-tech mobo, but good enough for stock/little OC budget rig. ;) only could get up to 3.8GHz stable overclock on a bulldozer with stock voltage on it lol! Forgot to mention, the PSU case was Extremely hot, not egg-fry-able hot, but really hot to touch.

    EDIT: Antec really seems the best deal despite it having lower wattage. :) seems really sufficient based from the answers so far. :D
  9. Just a quick update. Would the Antec Neo be enough when I overclock my FX-4100 let's say up to 4.5GHz @ 1.5v or 4.2GHz @ 1.4v? On some PSU calculators, it seems fine, but can't really trust those.
  10. Yeah it's fine.
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