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I have two questions I can't figure out on my own.

What would be the benefit from going from h77 to z77?

I intend to stick 6x SSDs and 2xs HDDs and a Optical drive which is also sata... how can i conect it all since i only have 6 sata ports in any of the h77 or z77 boards i could choose.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Z77 gets you overclocking capability and CFX/SLI options the H77 doesn't have.
  2. You'll need a motherboard with 9 SATA ports or an add-in expansion card for the extra SATA ports.
  3. Here is an add-in expansion card for 4x SATA II ports - uses PCI-e x1 slot.

    SYBA 4port 8 SATA II card $60

    You'd probably be better off spending that $60 on a better MB with 10 SATA ports.

    seeing the problem. Max 6 SATA ports on the mini-itx MBs
    ASUS P8H77-I has 6 - most have 4
  4. the hole point of the build is building it around the bitfenix case wich is mITX. sli or CF is not an option on mITX, and i believe it is also possible to overclock on h77.
  5. Solution is quite easy.
    Pedrovsky said:
    I intend to stick 6 4x SSDs and 2xs HDDs and a Optical drive which is also sata USB external...
  6. Pedrovsky said:
    and i believe it is also possible to overclock on h77.
    Source of your belief?

    So theres no way to conect the 6 x SSDs on a mITX board?
  8. Have you thought about using the HDDs/ODD as external drives on USB ports?

    Otherwise, only with an expansion card for the extra ports.
    No way to double up on the motherboard slots.

    (or maybe finding a different mini-ITX board with extra ports)
  9. ASUS P8H77-I Mini ITX Motherboard owner Feedback & comments
    "Cons: I had higher expectations for this board but was disaapointed.
    -I was hoping I could overclock with this board. Intel H77 chipset specs stated this chipset could be overclocked with 3rd generattion Intel Ivy Bridge. Maybe intel needs to update its specs."
  10. So if i expect to overclock i should go for z77 then...

    thanks for the replies
  11. You can check further.
    It could be that particular owner just couldn't figure it out.
  12. Still haven't found a source to confirm 3570K can overclock on H77s.
    (unless you count running full time at max turbo as OC)
  13. I don't even know if it's going to be a overclocked system, this is a build for a friend which fell in love with the prodigy case and wanted to replace his old machine...but as it seems h77 is not the best overclocker so if he wants to OC i'll probably go with z77...the one from asrock wich is considerably cheaper and will match the black and white color scheme. I dunno if i should go for an i5 or an i7 since is usage will be mostly gaming and movie watching...dont think the i7 will offer that much gain in those conditions to be worth 100$ more.
  14. i5 for gaming, no doubt about that.
  15. Where did the idea of 6x SSDs originate?
  16. he bought 10 corsair force 3 120gb some time ago for 79,99€ which was a awesome deal...still has 6 of those and was wondering if he could use them all on the prodigy since it has 6 places specially for SSDs, problem is he also has two western digital 2TB HDDs he also wants in...I wondered whether that would be possible since mITX boards dont offer as much sata ports...
  17. He needs to sell (or give away to a friend helping him out) about 2 more of the SSDs.
  18. most likely 3 of them...theres the optical drive aswell
  19. That would fill out the case. Another option:
    4x 120GB SSDs in RAID0, 1xHDDs & 1 ODD.
    Use 1x HDD for an external backup device.
  20. depends on how much sata III the board has really... will populate those with SSDs as boot and gaming drives
  21. problem with the asrock z77 e-itx... only has 4 sata 2xsata3 2xsata2...guess we'll have to go for the z77 one from asus...the one with the fancy vertical PCB
  22. that one also only 4 sata =S
  23. Looks like it has to be asus h77 mITX...core i5 3550 pushed all the way up to the max turbo core...and 2xSSD RAID0 on the SATA3 as boot...then 2xs SSD raid0 + HDD+ ODD
  24. If that's what he wants.
  25. How often does anyone use a ODD these days?
    I can't recall using mine in the last few months. I use USB thumb drives and external HDDs almost every day.
  26. When you have close to 400 DVDs laying around...
  27. For something like that ... two ODDs is probably a good idea. And 120GB SSDs, not so much.
    Still, ODDs are a good candidate for external devices.
  28. the idea is to keep it all inside the case...he uses the computer in his living room...but that is actually a very good idea... an external ODD with a nice looking to it would look and cool and save a sata port for the second HDD... In what would two ODDs would be benefitial?
  29. Do you watch Linus Tech Tips by chance?

    Because he reviewed this case and setup here:
  30. Are you going to be using the Intel Graphics or adding your own Graphics card? Because if you're adding your own Graphics card... you'll likely be stuck with a max of 4 or 6 SATA ports.

    If you're not then you can do as a user mentioned above and add a PCI-e Sata Controller card using the PCIe slot available on most m-itx boards.
  31. I do ocasionally watch his channel yes...although in that review he missed some features of the case... and yeah i am going to go for a GPU, I've already figured out that i'll be stuck with what the motherboard i choose offers, now what i don't understand is what would be the benefit of using two ODDs.
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