Bought the wrong part! cpu fan

Stupid me i was not paying attention to the picture and bought the wrong dang part :fou:

Anyhow i dont know what i need now, so i will post pics

i need a part that connects this from my fan

to this

thanks. i hope thats what i need to get the fan going
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  1. You also put the post in the wrong forum this isn't for the cpu forum I think. P:

    Sure manuals won't help? From the manufacturer's website.
  2. I dont see a section for cpu fans :P
  3. your second picture is a sata data port
    your first picture is a std molex power socket

    you should not and will not a cable to link the two.

    if this a cpu fan or a case fan?
  4. what!! the guy at best buy and staples said i need that part that connects to those 2.

    iYes its for a cpu fan. any help i would love so much!
  5. for the cpu fan near the top of the board (normally next to the ram slots) you'll see a 4 pin fan socket. like this:,r:9,s:0,i:99&tx=103&ty=74 you might have a 3pin version of this, and thats ok, use that instead.

    or worst case something like this: but this will give you zero control over fan speed.

    the guys at best buy and staples, work at best buy and staples, nuff said, the other poster also nuff said.
  6. Im not worried about the fan control. i just need a fan! Thanks i will try that.

    i mean i do have the 3 pin plugged in. But when i boot pc up i still get the cpu fan has failed error
  7. does the fan spin? if it does go into bios and lower the limit at which it complains.
    if it does not spin, then try moving the 4 pin one over, but it should only fit one way.
  8. well never mind i got video to work. SO when i boot it up i get the start up screen and to press the various f buttons. fan does not spin.

    However case fans do spin
  9. so can you fit the pin3 plug another way into the socket?
  10. nope i tried. it goes on 1 way. i have no 4 pin connectors on my board nor do i have another 3 pin connector.
  11. does del get you into bios? I doubt it would have changed without you doing stuff.
  12. Huh? parents dont know that stuff and i never touched it. when i start it up none of the f buttons will be accessed and the escape button to get into the boot menu wont work. keep getting the cpu fan fail error
  13. try del instead of F, i've never had esc work
  14. Well press random buttons i was able to start up computer. So i got in safe mide waited a min heat sink got dang hot but fan never came on

    I read hp locks bios?
  15. is this computer important/irreplaceable? if so i'd seriously consider finding someone with experience to resolve this issue for you rather than attempting it yourself after skimming over a dodgy guide or two.
  16. Yours and my definition of irreplacable might be different
  17. HP does not lock bios wrt to getting into them.

    you need to be hitting del or f2 during post (white text on black or a splash screen) do not run it with no fan.
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