Amd ii x4 850 l3 cache

just wondering something, i have the phenom ii x4 850 and the bios shows l1 cache 512kb, l2 2048kb and l3 6144, i thought this cpu only had a maxiumum of a 2mb cache and not 8mb? strange
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  1. anyone know about this?
  2. the Athlons are not supposed to have l3 cache at all. are you sure the BIOS recognizes the correct CPU? have you tried updating the BIOS?
  3. it shows what i stated above, thing i built my own system and i know its not supposed to have l3 cache, the bios reconizes the cpu to be phenom ii x4 850
  4. it's already been a long day, i read that as you had an athlon. my mistake.

    this model has 512kb of L2 cache per core for a total of 2mb. i have done some googling and can't find any info about L3 cache at all, which is strange also. it looks to me like a 900 series but without L3 cache. so it's strange your board would recognize the model correctly but also show 6mb of L3 cache.
  5. my motherboard is a asrock n68-vs3 fx, baffled just hope it is utilizing the l3 cache then lol bonus
  6. Don't worry about what the BIOS says. What does CPU-Z say?
  7. never really thought about checking that, will chck tht now
  8. 6mb on cpu-z too
  9. Hmm. That is strange.

    That absolutely should not be...
  10. 6mb 48 way
  11. can i email a pic to you lol very very strange maybe 64 bit windows has secretly unlock a hidden cache lol
  12. I know for a fact that the X4 850 doesn't have any L3 cache, so I don't understand, lol.
  13. do u have an email i will prove it?
  14. Wait a minute, I think I figured it out. The 850 is a Deneb core CPU with the L3 Cache disabled by default, but I think it's possible to enable it (in the BIOS). Maybe that's what happened here.
  15. im search google too iand i know for a fact that it didnt have one but i seen 1 comment somewhere that supposedly it had an l3 cache and looked in my bios as i knew it didnt but it appeared it did, i know people dont like this cpu for its lack of l3 cache but hey hello gooddays lol
  16. it just appeared today wasnt there yesterday i only set my oc tweaker in the bios to optimised that it
  17. o.0 thought x4 850 was propus based, hmmm. at a guess there must be a few out there that are deneb-based + you have ucc enabled which is unlocking some otherwise hidden L3 cache :)
  18. Yeah, I'm guessing that may have something to do with it. Not sure, really, I just keep reading that it's possible to unlock the L3 cache on Deneb core CPU's when it's disabled by default.
  19. will set my board back to default in bios and see if the change happens
  20. how do i find out if its a denab?
  21. CPU-Z should tell you that, too.
  22. im running windows 64bit ATI
  24. That pretty much explains it, then, but if you want to reset the BIOS to default to see if OC Tweaker did it (I would imagine that it did), you can.
  25. lucky me lol
  26. so i must be one of the lucky ones, huge advantage having that extra 6mb cache
  27. set it to defaault still shows l3 cache lol
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