Crossfire 6850 issues

CPU - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
MB - GA-890FXA-UD5
RAM - 16GB
Vid Cards - Radeon 6850 x2


When I turn the computer on with both installed crossfire bridge installed my monitor does not detect and video output. I can remove the bridge and run each card separately in each MB slot with no issues. It only happens when I have the bridge setup with power applied to both cards
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  1. What PSU do you have? Maybe not enough to power the dual cards.
  2. Cooler Master Silent ProM 1000W
  3. Which card do you have the monitor plugged into, top one right?
    -Make sure you have GPU 1 in Slot_1 and GPU 2 in Slot_2. Slot 3 heads to the south bridge instead of the processor, there are often issues with that.
    -Make sure each card works by testing each one separately in a single GPU config.
  4. Monitor is plugged into the top one.

    - both cards are plugged into the top 2 slots on MB.

    - each card works individually in either slot. Troubles with detecting the monitor only occur when I have power applied to both cards and bridge in place.
  5. Sounds like the MB is having trouble recognizing crossfire. Which leads me to believe your bridge is broken. IF you have another try using it. I just messaged my friend who has this board and he says crossfire works fine with his 6870's. I know AMD cards come with crossfire bridges, so just try a different one. Make sure the bridge is plugged in the right way too (top of bridge facing back of case.)
  6. So I wiped my drivers and reinstalled the drivers. I can get it to where I can see windows loading and everything past windows loading works fine, but now I am unable to see the rest of the system start up and the monitor flashes as if it were trying to detect. But I guess I can live with that lol
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