Will a 550w power supply run this fine?

Since my 750w xfx PSU made a popping noise and smoke came out i decided to return it even though it works to avoid damage.
I have a Ultra LSP 550w power supply and am thinking of using it until my new one comes.

Will it run good with a:

i5 3570k with a single gtx 670
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  1. yes it will be fine...
  2. Quote:
    I'd get at least a 600, maybe a 620W seasonic

    He is not asking for a new one to buy read before you post....
  3. you're fine. both the i5 and 670 COMBINED won't hit 300 watts.
  4. Alright, Thank you all

    I will return my xfx 750w and use my 550w until
  5. 550w of decent quality will run the system as long as you dont add another card
  6. Its a ultra lsp
  7. You're running quite close to what the PSU can provide as it only has 360W on the 12V line
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