Iam having problems with choppy online playback could this be my graphics card o

iam having problems with choppy playback online is this the result from having a crap graphics card or my procesor ive cleaned checked my registry still no change
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  1. What graphics card are you using.
  2. Its hard to say based on the little bit of info you provided. If its an i5, 16gb ram ssd drives and a gtx 680, then somethings wrong. if you have a 4 year old netbook with atom cpu, and 1gb ram, then no, its normal. Playback of what online? What resolution?
    you wouldnt walk to a mechanic and say " my car makes a funny noise, fix it".. then just walk away would you? how bout some details?
  3. i apologise its just i dont no a lot about computers and iam just starting to learn its got intel celron processer and all i no abut the graphics card is its about 10 years old and i think its nvidia 5200 not 100% sure and its ddr 2 with 1.25 ram
  4. I'd say it's your whole system. The FX 5200 can't do any sort of flash acceleration and the Celeron CPU that's paired with a GPU that old is probably terribly slow too.
  5. What game are you trying to play?

    I would agree with aicom,it's your entire system.You'll need to upgrade your PC if you want to play modern games.
  6. I agree also, did you have any budget in mind for upgrades or a replacement? You can probably buy a used system on craig's list or ebay for cheap...
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