A10 crossfire?

Did anyone ever nailed down what the A10 APU will crossfire with?
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  1. HD 7670.
  2. Here's a review: http://hexus.net/tech/reviews/cpu/46157-amd-a10-5800k-dual-graphics-evaluation/

    There is a graph there telling what goes to where.
  3. 6670, 6570
  4. It's my understanding that when you get an APU, which is a combined CPU and Graphics chip you are forced to Crossfire only with the same graphics chip, unlike a normal computer where the CPU is by itself or the graphics can be disabled.

    Micro-stutter is an issue with Crossfire (and SLI) and is worse with two, low-end cards.

    Micro-stutter is LESSENED if you have a 3x Crossfire situation (APU + two graphics cards).

    *Having said that, there's a price point at which it makes sense to rip out the APU in favour of a regular CPU and a good, single graphics card.
  5. ilysaml said:
    HD 7670.

    Which is a rebranded Radeon HD 6670 and is only sold to OEMs like Dell and HP.
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