Any suggestions about these cases and psu before i order them

hello guys

i want order my psu and case today , i want you to give me better choices if available

for case i want get it is new case and beautiful

but also there are



the problem is first case doesn't support Extended ATX mother boards but the last case (HAF X ) support Extended ATX mother boards

so will it be future proof case , or u think Extended ATX mobos are important.
i don't think that i will put quad gpus

i really want the first case it look awesome

please tell me which case is best for me
for psu

i want 850w psu (best one )

should i go with

i want best psu , i don't want my pc get explode :fou:

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  1. Get the Corsair PSU I personally own this and it is silent and reliable. Get the Stryker if you care about the side window otherwise stick with the trooper for extra fan mounts. if your not planning on doing 4 way sli or crossfire don't worry about e-atx.
  2. CM Storm Stryker looks the nicest with a little white led kit it can look really nice.
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