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Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me with something. I'm wanting to buy a gaming laptop that's very portable but also very capable. The one I have picked out is here:

I know its obviously not the best of the best of gaming laptops, but from the reviews I've read it's very capable. It seems the best, and is also my favorite for my budget. What worries me most is the processor. 2.0GHz i7. I know the new 3rd generation i7's are out, and I was wondering if this one will be obsolete soon? I want a computer that I can hang on to for a couple years and that will still be considered a capable gaming computer. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys :)
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  1. Everything is obsolete as soon as something new comes out. The third gen i7s will be obsolete in a few months so it really doesn't matter what you buy if you want to keep it for a few years.

    That computer I would not recommend as a gaming computer. The 555m isn't very good and its the most important part of a gaming system.

    Alienware is over priced as always either way.
  2. Any recommendations for the around the same price?
  3. Well was certain that the ipg had to be turned off to use the graphics card. Not "dual graphics" with the Intel ipgs.
    But other than that it seems fine. I don't think Ivy bridge is much better other than lower power-usage, which is good for batteries.

    edit: ninja'd I don't know about the 555m btw or how good it is. (never heard of it)

    You always go to the Alien ware website and look there for new ones.
  4. The problem with the new ones is that they're out of budget :(
    Btw I appreciate the input guys.
    And to clarify esrever, I don't always need or expect to play games on the highest graphics setting.
  5. chases-comp said:
    Any recommendations for the around the same price?

    post in the laptops section as the people there are probably more knowledgeable about it. I think aiming for something with a 660m is the way for go.
  6. have a look on the msi gaming notebooks
  7. Is 555m better than a Trinity laptop APU? A few much cheaper laptops have that in them.

    I looked at the specs it looks better than trinity at just frist'd edit

    edit for V Okay P:
  8. NoUserBar said:
    Is 555m better than a Trinity laptop APU? A few much cheaper laptops have that in them.

    the 555m is about 10% better than the best trinity APU. Trinity is really good if you want decent gaming performance for cheap.

    This looks to be about the same price, but better.
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