Upgrading to 1920 from 1680. Upgrade GPU?

Hey guys. Currently have the following:

965 @ 4Ghz
4 Gigs of Ram DDR3
460 GTX 1 Gig @ 900/1800/2000

Currently playing BF3 on 64 man servers running at Ultra settings except for textures on high, and no "regular" AA. All other settings @ max. I don't know what my average FPS is but it is acceptable to me.

If I were to upgrade my monitor, how much of a hit will the performance take? Should I jump ship to say... a 7850?

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  1. I think you should do it, you'll get a significant hit on performance if you don't.
  2. I think you should get the monitor see how the game performs and then decide if you want to upgrade.
  3. 1920x1080 resolution has about 18% more pixels than 1680x1050 resolution. Basically the higher the resolution the greater the performance decrease will be; meaning it is not linear. I would say you will see at least a 20% decrease in performance if stick with the same graphic settings.
  4. Yes, I agree with killerchickens, upgrade the monitor to 1920x1080 first, then play with it little bit and then, decide if you feel it's the time for an upgrade. I recommend you to upgrade to the 7850 anyway, the 7850 performs like 6970 so, you'll find big performance upgrade :).
  5. Upgrading a GTX460 to a HD 7850 seems worth it for that resolution. A 460 can be said as a minimum for 1080p.
  6. i used to game at 16x10 and now at 19x12. I went from a5850 1gig to a 6950 2gig. there was a noticeable upgrade........ so yes to the 7850....... having said that, when gaming on line it would be smarter to game at lower res ( enough to see "enough" ) if you want to stay competitive. Lower res and lower settings will help you move better and get more kills. ......... but you're still at the mercy of the server.
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