Upgraded CPU Failure - Please Help! [Socket 775 Intel]

Hi guys, I think I really screwed up. I need your help. I have 15 old business machines and I'm trying to save some money by upgrading CPU's. They are HP dx2200 machines.

The original processor is a Celeron D 346. I purchased (15) Intel Pentium D 950 processors because the quickspecs on HP's website indicated this is the maximum CPU the board could handle. The problem I've now realized is that the quickspecs for the same machine have two different "maximum" CPU's listed:

The quickspecs from one HP website say that the motherboard will support the Pentium D 950 but one HP website says the motherboard will only accept up to Pentium D 925.



1. I checked the HP website to make sure my bios was updated.
2. I removed the old processor and inserted the new one.
3. Rebooted the machine and it goes for about 10 seconds and then powers off. It does not boot long enough to enter the BIOS settings - no beeps, sounds of errors are displayed
4. I put the old processor back in and it will not boot - same issue - boots for a few seconds and powers off - no beeps, sounds of errors are displayed
5. I then grabbed a different machine - I took the first D 950 processor I tried and put it in the second machine. Same thing - boot for a few seconds and powers off
6. Then I put the original processor back in and same thing
7. I then grabbed a second D950 processor and tried in both machines with same issue of powering off

During each CPU swap, I completely unplugged power to the chassis.
I also began popping the battery on the motherboard after each exchange
At one point I found what appears to be a CMOS jumper on the motherboard - it has 3 pins - I moved it from pin positions 1&2 to 2&3. - tried this on both machines with both processors.

There are no system beeps or warnings. At one point during the boot of the D 950, i could see on the screen that the machine recognized the processor as a D 950 and there flashed a CMOS Checksum error but it doesnt stay up long enough to read more before the whole machine powers off.

So, here comes the questions:
1. If the machine truly can only handle the D 925 (3Ghz), did I fry something by putting the D950 in it? Why won't the original CPU work now?

2. Why doesnt the processor downclock to work in the motherboard?

3. Is there any way to get these processors to work in the machines I have or should I exchange all the processors for the D925?

Many, many thanks in advance!

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  1. Since they are old machines you could try a new CMOS battery in one of them and see if that helps. CMOS Checksum errors can be caused by a depleted CMOS battery.

    As for your questions I have no answers, sorry.

    Good luck :)
  2. it turns out I didn't screw the heatsinks in tight enough! since I was moving CPU and fans in and out of the machines, I wasn't screwing them all the way in and this was causing the machines to stop booting. Sheesh!
  3. This can be marked as Solved. Thank you!
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