GPU for Hdmi connection to Plasma Tv

I have a 50 inch plasma tv I want to hook my computer to view video's and surf the web.Via HDMI

Computer is a Dell xps400
pent 280
2 gig ram
PCI-e video. current card does not have HDMI

Pioneer tv PDP-5020FD
50" Plasma
High-Definition 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p)
4 Independent HDMI® 1.3 Inputs

Ok so my question is what under budget card or specs should I look for to hook this computer to my tv. Hope I have included enough info to answer my question. I have been looking at cards , don't want a new power supply if I can help it. Been thinking GPu with like 1 gig, 64 to 128 bit ? Any info would help
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    If you're not gaming, pretty much any GPU with an HDMI out should do for your purposes. I'd pick up a GeForce GT 520/430 or a Radeon HD 6450/5450 which ever is cheapest and has the HDMI output you're looking for.
  2. DVI outputs on video cards are totally HDMI compatible with only a passive converter. They even make cables that have DVI on one end and HDMI on the other. If your video card is capable of outputting audio then it should work correctly over this as well.
  3. True, the only issue is potential audio issues and I didn't want to open that can of worms.
  4. I did think about HDMI converter but when looked they were 20 bucks and was unsure of audio also. Current card has a sorta s-video and that was horrible. figured if I could spend 20 or 50 bucks for a better card with hdmi would be better choice for down the road. Gave up gaming back when GPU's were 16 mbps. ok been awhile.
  5. Thanks Aicom. So any HDMI capable card should work for what I want. Thanks for the advise.
  6. Yeah, my video card (GTX560ti) outputs audio over a DVI > HDMI cable no problem. (I tested it just before posting the first time since I'd never tried the audio before)

    Just make sure you get a card that supports audio over HDMI and you'll be fine, the only card's don't output audio so those won't work.
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