[PSU/MoBo/CPU] Computer Problems After Lightning Struck

So last night I was on my computer and then lightning struck and thunder clapped immediately after. You could tell it was right next to the house. A loud pop came from my computer and it instantly shut off. I tried to reboot, and it looked like it was going to reboot just fine because the fans spun and lights came on but 2 seconds later they all shut off. I tried over and over but the same thing kept happening. I finally took off the side panel and performed the "Paper Clip Test" and the PSU did come on and ran fine. So I hooked the 24 pin connector back into the MoBo and tried a reboot but nothing new happened. Since my MoBo has POWER and RESET buttons on it I tried to get it to power on with the POWER button but same things happened. I tried to hit the RESET button but nothing happened. So I've got a few questions:

1: Is my PSU ruined and just has enough power to spin the fan?

2: Is my MoBo bad, even though all the lights and everything turn on? Would that cause the PSU to shut off?

3: Is my CPU bad and that is causing immediate shut down of the PSU?

4: Should I try and file for replacements on the PSU/MoBO/CPU since they are all under warranty?

5: Should I just file an insurance claim and replace all parts in my computer?
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  1. Hi :)

    Answer is 5...

    All the best Brett :)
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