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HELP!! Computer keeps restarting and won't boot

Hi, so my computer has been running fine for about 3 weeks now and I was installing a new game guild wars 2 beta. During the process it blue screened said did a memory dump then when I restarted it, it just turned on about 10 seconds then turned off the monitor does not show anything on it, it just stays black. I've tried several times to load it up but same problem. I've disconnected my hard drives to see if they were the problems but no luck. I am thinking it is a hardware problem most likely the mobo. I have no idea how to confirm this or what steps to take next. PLEASE HELP if you can, Thanks

i5 3570k
asrock z77 extrme4
gtx 670 evga
60gb ssd
500gb western carver black
windows 7 64 bit
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  1. well I got it working again by pulling out half the ram, I have g skills ddr3 2133 is that mean bad ram or wrong type?
  2. Hi there,

    Do u have a link for the RAM?
  3. Ok so ive narrowed down the problem it is the ram it works just perfect with one stick in but putting in the second stick causes a boot loop without the monitor even turning on. Does this mean the stick is bad or? and how do i check it
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    sounds like a bad stick. if your system doesnt boot with it in, theres not much chance of testing it, just replacing it. obviously, if u swap that set out, and same prob, its your motherboard.
  5. Monitor stays black or off? Might be a defective (or dirty) pci-e slot. Move the VGA to another slot to start discarding stuff.
  6. Figured it out thanks all for your help turns out one of the ram sticks was bad got it on RMA so alls good,

    thanks again
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