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X6 1045t vs FX 6200 or Piledriver

My friend is building a new pc he was set on a 965 BE X4, but tigerdirect has a oem 1045t for $115 and $120-$140 for a fx 6100-6200. He wants a six core no changing his mind, beside pricing performance wise is the fx six cores to the 1045t x6? Should the new FX 6300 or 4350 fx with pre order pricing at $140-$170 be worth the extra assuming the 10-15% increase from bulldozer? or compared to bd 8150/8120?

He knows that the x6 wont OC far and that the x4 and fxs are all black editions
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    Six cores won't make difference unless his programs can utilize all six cores. But if he's set on six cores, get the 1045T. If he can wait, the 6300 will probably be $160-$170, and from the Trinity benchmarks, Piledriver looks to be a good improvement.
  2. Hes play bf3 multiplayer and seen my friends 1090t use all six cores during play, and for its current price it seems to be the best option, and personally i dont notice the difference from having a six core and games not using all of them i mean clock speed is low but anything around 3.0-3.2ghz oc makes up for it. I regret not getting a 1075t or higher because the black editions but dont regret not getting an x4.

    Also how different is the 6200 to the 6100?
  3. Basically a 6100 with a higher clockspeed. The 6300 is the Piledriver version coming out this month.
  4. Also, if I'm not mistaken, can't you also overclock the 1045T? A 3GHz overclock would make it a pretty good CPU.
  5. yes u can just not as easily and far as a Black edition, i got my 1055t non BE to 3.4 np and should b able to get similar with the 1045t, hes using a zalman cnps 9900 NT cpu cooler so he could prob get pretty far with it. and price wise the x6 seems better than waiting for piledriver release, also he needs an am3+ motherboard as he bought a $60 am3 socket but he was thinking on getting a new on after christmas as my questioning
  6. A $60 mobo is going to cut some corners. I'd get a better AM3+ board so he could upgrade to Steamroller (SR will be on AM3+). The ASRock Extreme3 and M5A97 boards are very good. Even if the FX-6300 is better, will it be worth the extra $50? Probably not.
  7. since he doesnt want to wait for piledriver and for the money to get the am3+ motherboard the x6 will work def until steamroller and since its am3+ has great upgrade path.
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