GTX 680, which one?

I sold my laptop yesterday, and now i'm building a new PC. I'm using a pentium 3 untill Ivy Bridge comes out :/. But when it comes out, i want to be sure i have every other part ready for assembly.

Now i'm pretty sure i'm going to buy a GTX 680, but what variant would be best? First i wanted to go for the 4GB from EVGA, and maybe even the Classified 4GB. But since they won't be likely to come out before Ivy Bridge, i'll have to buy another. I prefer EVGA brand, and thought about the SC /w backplate. But what do you think i should take?

Gaming mostly MMORPG's and FPS currently at 1920x1080, but most likely to get 5760x1080 in a few months.
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  1. EVGA or Asus. But if you're only playing MMORPGs and FPS, maybe there's a cheaper option? What games do you plan to play?
  2. Guild Wars 2 -- Aion (High quality engine) -- Battlefield 3
    And upcoming better games, want to have at least 60+ fps in every game next year, or more.

    But if i pick EVGA, should i take the Superclocked edition? or do some other brands have some Superclocked or extended memory editions?
  3. Yeah, OK, get a 680 :D
    If you have the extra money and feel that you need it, always go for the factory OC'ed/ superclocked cards. By the way, you might want to wait until Ivy Bridge comes out. Who knows, maybe Nvidia will release news about a new video card that might suit you better.
  4. I'm waiting till Ivy Bridge release date, but i'm not going to wait longer than that, even if some awesome card comes out within a month by then.. I have no alternatives than a gpu-less pc :/
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    Your call, 680 will do you good for at least 3 years anyway...
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