Which one of these laptop processors are better?

2.2 GHz Pentium B960,AMD Dual Core E-450 1.65GHz and the Intel Core i3-2350M Processor 2.3GHz.Whats your opinion on the amd E450?Most of laptops I am seeing has this processor.Can it handle everyday use, and office documents?
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  1. The e-450 is by far the weakest of them. The i3-2350m is a little better than the b960. Either the i3-2350m or b960 would be the way to go.
  2. I would avoid the AMD E-450. I've read too many complaints about it being slow even for simple tasks like surfing the internet.

    Get a laptop with the fastest CPU you can afford. You generally cannot upgrade the CPU in many laptops so if you want better performance later, then chances are you need to buy a new laptop at that point. A faster CPU means you will likely want to upgrade later rather than sooner.
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