New copy of Windows 7 not playing nice with my new build

Hey guys, just got done with my second system build and began to install windows 7. I have not been able to make any progress due to several errors and blue screens that keep plaguing me. I have been getting the Page fault in non paged area screen and also a couple times I have gotten a untitled blue screen. I have tried different memory configs and still as soon as windows begins install, after the language selection, it always goes BSOD on me. This is my first time installing a 64 bit OS and also for win7, had 32bit vista last go around.

Any help or trouble shooting tips would be great, if you need system specs let me know!

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  1. Is this a commercially produced DVD or an ISO you downloaded and burn to DVD?
  2. This is an official disk I bought from newegg, win7 pro, shouldn't be any issue there eh? I am also trying to get my SSD as my boot drive, any other considerations I may have missed with that?
  3. The 64-bit should be no different from the 32-bit, so dont let that scare you.

    The memtest is a good idea. make sure everything is sound with your hardware. You can also open multiple memtests and run them.

    If that works fine then run Prime95. let us know what happens with that
  4. Ok guys, I will try to get some results back today. It is actually loading windows now, the thing I changed was to have a different mem module in there and on the dimm1 slot instead of 3 or whatever it was before. I had heard that loading ram in order has some stability benefits, whether or not it is true or the other ram that is in there now has made the difference I don't know. Once again, I will update yall sometime today.
  5. So it seems to be fine running a single 4gb dimm, but has issues when I use two 4 gbs or any multi dimm config. Odd issue?
  6. Voltages are at 1.5 and I am using corsair dominator ddr31600, I have two 4gb dimms but when I install more than just one I always BSOD after a minute or even less.
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  8. Are you using a sandy/ivy bridge cpu? also is this your ram?

    There are problems using 1.65v ram on sandy/ivy (I can't recall the exact reasoning but I "think" its that it uses the same voltage as the cpu) (also I heard its not particularily good for the cpu to do so, not sure if this is true)

    And since your bsods look to be memory based I would just rma the ram and get this:

    1.5v and they fit under bigger heatsinks no problem.

    Obviously more trouble shooting would help but if you can't get into memtest because of blue screens, not much we can do sadly.
  9. Using AMD CPU. I have used the same stats for ram before on this mobo (only in 2gb flavored dimms) and had no issues for two years. I will try different configs on the board to maybe achieve some results
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