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Please comment AMD E2-1800 Accelerated Processor is equivalent to what processor in intel? thanks
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  1. Probably something from their Atom line, both are very low-end.
  2. Both are meant for light weight cheap laptops, mainly for web browsing, playing flash games and watching movies etc.

    However, the AMD E2-1800 is better than any Atom chip out there, plus it can play 1080p HD content smoothly without any hiccups :)
  3. vincenia said:
    Please comment AMD E2-1800 Accelerated Processor is equivalent to what processor in intel? thanks

    The E2-1800 is a very low end APU and is equivalent to the Intel Atoms CPU's. I've seen and talked to people with these APU's in their laptops and most were disappointed in the performance. The main complaint is that it was just to slow even for basic work.
  4. Thanks for your advice as I found a cheap Sony notebook, E2-1800. I doubted the speed may be quite low. :hello:
  5. Low range machines generally do not have a Graphics Processing Unit and since the E2-1800 does it is definitely mid-range. This means it can do non-gaming tasks very well and can run most new games at low resolution with a playable frame rates.

    For example an E2-1800 based machine with enough memory should run SWTOR at 15-30 fps at 1024 X 600 resolution. Because the APU also contains a hardware scaler the image will display at 1360 X 768 and appear the same as that resolution except it is slightly fuzzy. This difference is only detectable when small text is on screen and otherwise looks the same as the higher resolution.

    Some other lower-mid-range machines do not have GPU cores but use hardware to emulate a GPU using the CPU cores. That class of machine will run a GPU benchmark well OR a CPU benchmark well. Sadly, performance declines dramatically when a real world application loads the GPU's virtual cores and the CPU cores at the same time.

    The E2-1800 had two AMD designed 64-bit cores and 80 ATI designed Radeon cores so the GPU cores are real and not virtual.

    Since all mid-range machines all run ordinary non-game applications well it doe not matter too much which one is purchased. When it comes to games, at the end of the day, what really counts is how it runs and that is best shown by running it.

    A gameplay video is worth a thousand benchmarks so find some gameplay videos and see how the E2-1800 and earlier E-450 and E-350 do. Keep in mind that the best video is the one that represents what the machine can do and a video made with a misconfigured machine will always run slower.
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