Low FPS, Major Flickering, GTX 260

I've been having major FPS issues while running Wow, and it has gotten to the point I can't even play. I installed MSI Kombustor and I have found that my GPU often runs over 100 celcius, yes, celsius. So I have found the problem with Wow FPS.... but what is causing the overheat? The only change I have done to this PC is place it on a cooling plate, as I noticed it heating up a few weeks ago. I have fun virus scans, and even reformatted the C: partition, nothing helps...

ASUS Notebook G72GX Series
Processor: Duo CPU P9700 @ 2.53 GHz
OS: WIN7 64 bit
Card: GeForce GTX 260M

I am flat lost and at my wits end. Any help would be great!
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  1. I don't mess with laptops much, but it sounds like maybe the internal heatsink is caked up with dust. The electronics don't really get warmer overtime usually what happens is the heatsink and/or fan stops doing its job as well for whatever reason and that's why it runs warmer. You could try a can of compressed air through the vents, but that could push the dust further inside the laptop.
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