Advice on a new PSU

my cheap psu gave out and currently running on a 3 year old 305w so decided its time to upgrade.

i have a few options in mind and just need a little advice.

1st: CX600, read some reviews saying its good for entry level gaming, and the price is £49 (3 year warranty)
2nd: CX500, priced at £43 (3 year warranty)
3rd: OCZ coreXstream 500w priced at £34 (3 year warranty)
4th: OCZ ZS series 550W priced at £52 (1 year warranty)

my budget is £50 and i basically want the best psu i can get, currently running a 6850 in my system but plan to upgrade to a 7970 in the future so i would like it if the psu could handle a 7970 (im cool if it can't)

all suggestions welcome :D
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  1. I would say CX600, hands down.
  2. All of those PSU's should easily handle a single 7970. I would personally choose one of the Corsair models (probably the 500W) from the choices above.
  3. ok great, thanks :D
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