Can I Connect 3 LCD Monitors to my Nvidia 9500GT?


Until now I used a dual screen display with my PC(2 19" LCD monitors, handy for my music-editing needs),
and I recently purchased an LCD TV.

I want to connect all three to my PC. there's a VGA, S-VIDEO and a DVI output(one of each).

I don't necessarily need all three to work simultaneously(although this would be ideal),
I can "settle" for having the option of having 1 PC LCD + the TV or 2 PC LCD working without the need of physically disconnecting and reconnecting the DVI cable.

Thx in advance.
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  1. you can only use 2 GPU outputs at a time on most (including your) card. You can hook up 3 monitors and then play with the windows settings in enabling and disabling monitors... but I think you will find that this process gets old quickly.

    I would suggest getting another GPU (perhaps PCI?) that will fit on your mobo, and hook up the monitor with the least load to it.
  2. I really don't wanna spend anymore money on this...

    My problem is that I can't connect any of the monitors to the S-VIDEO output, so I'm left with 2 outputs only...
  3. Why can't you? My old 8600 GT arrived with S-video to composite video adapter, didn't yours?
  4. I have an adapter/cable, But I want to be a able to see FULL HD on my TV and composite(as far as I know) doesn't support it.

    and two regular monitors have no COMPOSITE input, just DVI or VGA
  5. Ah yeah, composite doesn't support full hd. I guess your only option is to buy another video card.
  6. Any other solutions guys?
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