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Was looking at the cosmos II case for a while, but wasn't sure if I should pull the trigger and go for it, budget would be around 300 for the case. I do have an EATX board (ramapge IV extreme) with a i7-2600k and a h80 for it. I do have 2 gtx 560 TI (SLI) right now I am running a antec 900 2 case, but issue that I'm having with the bigger board is I can't access the cable management cutouts. Eventually I want to move towards a full water cooled system but that is a few months down the road. I do like all the options the cosmos II offer, but at the same time, always been a sucker for the LED lights and fans, so not having a window on the cosmos II is a drawback. So any idea or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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  2. Enermax Fulmo GT.

    Currently they just sold out on Newegg....
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