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For the last week and a half I've had my new PC built, and it was running fine until last night it all of suddenly shutdown and powered itself back on in about 2-3 seconds. When it turns back on it get this message "Power supply surges detected during previous power on. Asus Anti-surge triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit! Press F1 to Run setup" Of course i did that and it worked, i ran BF3 for about 20-30 mins and nothing happened. Today when i powered it back up this time it powered down after 5-10 mins of just browsing the web with that same message.

PC Spec:
Intel i5 3570k
Noctua NH-D14 Cooler
ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe
Geforce 580GTX
G.Skill 2x8GB's
Sound blaster
Antec DF-85
Samsung 830 64GB SSD
OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD
2x 3TB seagate HDD's
Cooler Master silent pro gold 1200 watts

I looked up online and just wanted some Tomshardware input since I'm little skeptical. As of now i have an open RMA request going in to Cooler Master waiting to be verified. My problem is could it be a faulty PSU? The system itself as is, is only taking about 600 Watts. Just seems strange to me, i have a few options i can do but i don't have much confidence in doing them, there as follows.

1. Disable Anti-surge in bios.
2. Switch PSU for working Cooler master 1000 watts 80 Plus(from old build)
4. Faulty Motherboard and or memory.

I have a feeling its the PSU, i checked the wires and everything is connected correctly i just don't see why this would happen after a whole week of it solidly working. The CPU is OC'd a bit but not much, its at 3.8 since i set the memory XMP to 1600. My gpu is a bit OC'd as well but i doubt that would do it. Any feedback, opinions? I looked in the bios and all the Voltage readings looked good, better then my old 1000 watts. :??:

Just a small update on the matter.

My Bios readings are as follows:
+3.3 "3.344v"
+5 "5.000v"
+12 "12.096v"

When i got into windows i checked the AI suite and i got different readings on the +12.
+3.3 "3.344v"
+5 "5.000v"
+ 12 11.616/11.424/11.328/11.808/11.232/11.520/11.040/11.904/10.944

I was writing them down as they appeared within a minutes time. Now i don't trust software often but i can just assume its a faulty +12 on my PSU. Am i right?
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  1. Well thanks to hardforum for input. Once again Toms Fails at answering, not like im the first but i thought there were some amazing people on here for trouble shooting. The answer was either a miss connection or pinched wires.. Best answer.

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