p67a-ud3-b3 + 3rd gen intel CPU , cant boot! (15sec restart)

Hi , i just bough this set up and i have a problem! :D

i5 3rd gen 22nm 3570k
p67a-ud3-b3 rev 1.0
8gb g.skill F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL
seagate 500gb sata 2
saphire hd 5750 1gb ddr5

i just intalled the cpu on hes seat correctly , wit compatible RAM ..
when i start the system ..NO SCREEN + after 15 sec it reboot ..
( it doest the same thing wit or witout other hardware plugged on mobo and psu..HDD..GPU..DVD-burner..)
the fan wont move ( turn on *spin* ) .. tryed all RAM slot even individually , cleared CMOS , i tryed another fan on the board and it work .. but the stock fan doest work on the other board so the stock fan is DOA...( to check if it was PSU making the problem ex: not giving enough power ) * i use the stock intel HSF that came wit the CPU on both board *

it was the 1st time i was fireing up this system , so no i didnt OC it , CPU was brand new .. i know it can be about a not updated bios , i will try to flash it to F9 version tomorow ( it says that the F9 version fully support 3rd gen i5 core , including the 3570k 22nm ) the things that doest help , i cant find my little motherboard speaker that i was keeping for tech support to hear mobo error sound code ..

by tomorow ill go to a friend of mine computer store and test each component on different trusted-working motherboard ( RAM , CPU ) and update the p67a-ud3-b3 rev 1.0 bios to f9 + test it wit antoher CPU and the 3570k to see if its not a board error .. or the CPU is DOA too..

so for the moment if u can give me some tips about testing the CPU ,
+ i want a replacement for the dead stock Heat Sink Fan

sorry for my sloppy english ! =D
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  1. There should be a sticker on your board that says what version UEFI is installed. If it is pre 3rd gen support that is likely the problem. You would need to get a 2nd gen CPU to upgrade the UEFI then reinstall the 3rd gen CPU. The UEFI on the 6 series did not natively support 3rd gen CPU's.
  2. yes that wat i expected when i was looking to buy this mobo.. i saw the F9 BIOS and UEFI was the only 2 to be 3rd gen ready , like i said ill flash the bios tomorow (today around 13:00pm Eastern Time ).. my PSU only have a 4pin CPU plug too (mobo have 8 pin slot ). but ive readed that u can use only a 4pin to power it .. dunno if it work with the 3rd gen or this mobo.. at the begining when the fan wasnt moving i thought that was the problem.. then i remembered about the bios etc.. + i tested the fan and its DOA..

    ill have to change my PSU if i want more stable voltage via 8pin to OC the cpu in a year or two , ive found a zalman zm600-hp 3month old for 50$ buck today , pretty happy =D
  3. like we expected.. bios under f9 or higher cant power up .. if u have a 3rd gen intel CPU ,

    + the motherboard need at least 500w Power supply AND the 8 pin slot for the cpu .. or it will restart every 15 sec , wit no image , same as the 3rd gen bios problem!

    (tested separately , same result .. lower cpu 450w 4 pin psu + lower cpu.. no boot
    AND 600w PSU , old bios under F9 version + 3570k = no boot! )

    hope this can help , thanks guys
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