Overclocking Trinity A10-4600M?

Is the A10's Turbo Boost affected by the temperature of the chip (if so, what temp would be needed to force full turbo 24/7?), or does it also include the power usage?

I plan on getting a new laptop next year in the summer, but I'm curious if the mobile Trinity can be OC'ed on a $800-$1000 laptop (not ultrathin) by adjusting multiplier or even the base clock assuming the thermal is kept under control?
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  1. Turbo boost depends on both :) Power draw is also important, a chip should not exceed its TDP.

    Plus there are other issues to deal with,
    1. First off all, how do you plan to keep the excessive heat under control? Heat can kill other components inside.
    2. The increased electric power draw from the mobo may eventually damage the mobo
    3. The laptop A10 chip is not a K edition, it doesn't have an unlocked multiplier.
    4. Battery will drain MUCH faster, due to non-linear power draw as chip freq is increased during OC, plus FAN's spinning on full speed for longer durations.

    There's a reason why most people in their sane minds would not OC a laptop. :)
  2. I plan on using the laptop for college, so mostly school work. However, I do want to play games once in a while with my free time. I prefer a laptop that can be efficient in light tasks, and can handle games thrown at it.

    If possible, I plan on leaving the laptop in default state if I'm on the move, but will take off the back panel and place two 140mm intake fans underneath if I want to game in my dorm. Maybe even place an exhaust fan over the laptop's existing exhaust fan to force more air through the heatsink. Battery life is not a concern for me when my laptop is stationary and running a game.

    Or, I might take the extreme mod step. Tape painted Styrofoam pieces between the bottom of the laptop and the detached back-panel to create more space, attach low profile copper VRAM heatsinks to the heatpipes and heatsink, find and attach one or two centrifugal intake fans, and place a weak exhaust centrifugal fan over the RAM (they will be OC'ed as well).

    I've read that some people OC'ed their laptops by manually setting the TDP to infinite and throwing sufficient cooling at them to force 24/7 full turbo boost. Others also took it even further by increasing the BCLK.
  3. Well looks like you've already made up your mind:) I don't mind your 1st two paragraphs in the previous post. The A10 can definitely handle your above mentioned requirements with no sweat.

    Paragraph 3 looks like a forecast for something very bad about to happen to your lappy :) Your free to try what you want, but remember that if your not extremely careful, you could end up spoiling ur laptop, or paying for a hefty repair bill .

    I do have an idea though, you could try to UNDERVOLT your trinity APU as low as it will go. Find the lowest stable voltage at the max freq, and set it at that. Now that both the power draw AND heating is not an issue, it should make your A10 stay in the higher turbo states for longer. :)

    All the best:)
  4. Does the A10 allow voltage adjusting? My i7 720qm doesn't allow it, and I don't want to be disillusioned when I buy an A10 laptop.
  5. That depends upon the motherboard used inside the lappy, not the A10 chip :) You'll have to check if the laptop you're gonna buy supports it or not :)
  6. Another question about OCing, how am I going to cool the sardine RAM, and would it be possible for the mobile Trinity to accept 1866 Mhz RAM even though the max supported is 1600 MHz?
  7. Not pretty sure about that dude, but given that desktop trinity's were benched with unsupported 2133 RAM, i'm guessing its possible. :)
    You'll have to research on your own :)
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