Can I mount an Asus ENGTX 470 on a Asus Rampage 4 motherboard?


I want to upgrade my PC. I am getting a new socket 2011 Asus Rampage 4. I want to upgrade my GPU a bit later because I am saving money. Will my Asus ENGTX 470 fit and work properly with the PCI express 2.0 (x4) in that motherboard?
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  1. it will fit and work normally, but there is some performance loss by using a x4 slot, check some benchmarks:

    here for the total scaling PCI article:,review-32164-9.html
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I see those benchmarks for the 570 show a 9% decrease in performance. Will that be about the same for my 470?

    I am wondering if it is worth to upgrade it now without a GPU.

    I am going from

    Asus rampage II extreme
    Intel Core i7 930 4x2,8GHz S1366
    3x2048MB Corsair XMS3 Classic TR3X6G1600C9 DDR3 1600MHz


    Asus rampage IV Gene
    Intel® Core™ i7-3820 4x3,6 GHz
    Corsair Dominator GT 16 GB DDR3-2133 Quad-Kit

    I wanna get a new GPU later when I got the money and when the better GTX 680 models get released. I guess my PC overall will run quicker but in GPU hungry games I might have cutbacks because of the performance loss of the x4 slot.

    Damn.. any advice? :) Thanks in advance.
  3. yes that is about the maximum performance loss you can get by using x4 slots.

    Yes looks like a very great build, it would be nice wait for the 4gb version if that is your objective, but you already have a very good system adding a 680 there you would get much better framerate than upgrading all your machine, but if you are wanting to wait for the 4gb wait for it.
  4. Okay thanks again for your reply. I last question remains.. would a 680 fit on my current Rampage 2 extreme? Since my current MB doesnt have PCI express 3.0.
  5. yes, the slots are the same and up to now there is no performance difference running in PCI express 3.0 or in a 2.0 x16.
  6. Quote:
    I'm waiting for the 4 gig version-nvidia likes to play us with their releases-they know rich gamers will buy the 680 and gravitate right up to the 4 gig version next fall. I decided to bypass the 680 and make my 7970 crossfire a tri crossfire-AMD may be the better buy at higher resolutions but for me , getting one more 7970 makes sense as only one 680 would be a downgrade

    right now 7970 3gb is more expensive than 680 2gb, and the 680gb performance is better when you don't need more than 2gb of memory, so i would not say that rich gamers will be the ones on 680... since they costs less, and i don't think that the 4gb will be so much more expensive.

    for the performance/price, you will be paying more on the 7970 than in the 680.
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