Need major help building a cheap gaming pc..

I have been trying to find the perfect parts for a cheap gaming pc to run BF3 on ultra settings for a 1920 x 1080 monitor. I have tried numerous time but can't seem to make it under the $1000. I just need help trying to find the cheapest build for a pc to run BF3 on ultra. I don't need a monitor, keyboard, or a mouse. Any help is appreciated and thanks ahead of time for whatever you can do to help me..
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  1. Khalan said:


    Though I say a better combo is the HD 7950 + i5-2500K.
  2. For the HD 7950, should I get the over-clocking version or the normal one?
  3. Skip the pre-overclocked version and do it yourself. The new architecture from AMD usually allows a 20% overclock or more. That will put you within spitting distance of the GTX 680.
  4. Sorry to take so long to respond but another quick question... Should I get a SSD or HDD?
  5. Don't just get an SSD, you'll be out of space very quickly. If you can afford it, get both (preferably an Intel 520, a Crucial M4, or a Samsung 830) and use the SSD for Windows and the HDD for games and other data. A few games that you are currently playing can be installed to the SSD (Steam games can be shifted using a tool like
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