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Upgrading EVGA GTX 460 768mB

I'm considering upgrading my video card. I built a new computer in December 2011, but kept my old EVGA GTX 460. I'm not wanting to spend more than 200$ (in Canada). My question is mainly is there an upgrade in that price range that I would notice a substantial increase in game performance with.

System specs:

Antec 650w power supply (not sure of model as I'm not at the pc right now)
i5 2500k
8gB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
500Gb WD 7200 drive
Gigabyte Z68 motherboard (again forget the model)
EVGA GTX 460 768mb

Currently using an LG 22 inch monitor that is a few years old.

Also something I recall noticing is that my motherboard is crossfire ready, but not SLI so for future expandability something to consider.
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    I think the 7850 would be the best for you considering your budget is over $200. The 7850 outperforms the 560 ti 448 and par with 6970 and 570 (according to tom's hardware). And done with only one 6-pin PCI-E connector. Except you really want to wait for Mainstream kepler (could be the GTX 650 or 660), this 7850 is a really nice GPU to consider.
  2. yea Mainstream kepler is gonna be good. the GTX 650 is supposed to be around a 550 ti from launch price (price wise) and performance wise its to be around a 560 ti
  3. Thanks of the advice, I'm really not in a hurry as my 460 keeps up with most of my needs, just can't run on super high settings is all. Waiting for the GTX 650 might be my best route at this point.

    As for the future expansion question, will many games really take advantage of a crossfire setup? This is just my concern in going with and NVIDIA card again as with my mobo I'd have to go to a completely new card instead of just adding a second of the one down the road if I get an AMD card.
  4. As for SLI on Nvidia cards you can expect to increase FPS by about 170%.-195%.
  5. If your board support only crossfire and you're really looking for crossfire, I'd suggest you get the 7850. The scaling of crossfire on 7000 cards are excellent in most well known games.
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