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Hello everyone I have a quick question for you. How should I test a used homebuilt computer? Im looking to buy an old custom rig off of craigslist so that i can mess with it myself and make it my gaming pc. I was going to buy a brand new one as a grad present to myself but this is much much cheaper. My mom is obviously a bit skeptical and im not gonna lie i am a bit too. I just need to know how to find out if everything is good on the pc. Here is the link to the pc. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/sys/3052045312.html

The reason why its so cheap is because it has no graphics card, to my understanding hes just been using the integrated chipset. One big concern is does it have everything he says it does. I think so because the mobo looks right, and so does the cpu cooler but thats about all you can tell by the picture. I know i can check the processor in the system info since it should have windows 7 ultimate.

But how else do you guys think i should check to make sure everything is right? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. That system doesn't seem too awesome, not that cheap either. I mean the components add up to maybe $500 max looking at it quickly. What's your budget?
  2. - AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition Deneb 3.5GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Desktop (Never Overclocked, Already SUPER Fast) 110$
    - Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 MotherBoard (Easy Overclocker, CPU Booster, with Turbo Unlocker) 101$ open box on newegg
    - CNPS9900 MAX (Blue LED Light-Up) CPU Cooler 70$
    - 4GB (2x2 ddr3 Cosair Rams) ~25$
    - 750Watts Ultra Power Supply laughable price for performance
    - 1TB 7200RPM Seagate Sata HDD ~100$
    - ASUS DRW-24B1ST Disc Drive ~20
    - Windows 7 ULTIMATE installed, Ready To Go! 190$

    total without case brand new: 616$+65$ case+laughable power supply if it were brand new

    just as a reference for people who dont want to look up the prices on the stuff

    if you want my say in this, at that price, its a nice deal, especially since its free to overclock and has a dedicated cpu cooler on top of that. if your not looking to upgrade into an even higher build, then it should do
  3. if you are thinking of getting it and drop in a good graphics card the 750 watt ultra isn't a very good PSU . . . .you would benefit from replacing it.
  4. well i have enough money to buy a brand new computer or even a pre-built from newegg but my parents dont want me spending a whole lot of money. I would really rather get a new one but i figured this would be good enough.

    I was planning on buying this then upgrading to a Radeon 7850 and upgrading the memory to 8gb. If the PSU really is that bad then i could just upgrade that too, they arent too expensive for a good one.
  5. I still need to know how i should test the system when i go to check it out. If all i really need to change is the gpu,psu and ram, then i think im gonna buy this. But i do your advice on what to check out, so what do you guys think?
  6. only way to test it out is go to a public place with a monitor in hand and litterally test it out. some places have outdoor outlets that can be used. if not, find a public place to test it out.
  7. well im assuming that im going to his house to check it out so ill be able to see there. But pretty much if it runs, everything thats supposed to be on screen is on screen and system info say it has all the right stuff then its good right?
  8. if it works there, it should work anywhere(with the same voltage outlet, since the US outlets are different than European ones and viceversa) unless something bad happened during transportation.
  9. ok then, thanks for the help guys.
  10. Yes you need to ask him to demo it before purchase.
  11. one thing that a red flag..where the windows os disk. you need a windows disk and a good oem number to have a valid os. a lot of times these people load a hacked version of windows...then if the os craps out you dont have any disk to restore the os.
    the other issue i see you want to be a gamer with the high end video card. the intel cpu are a better cpu for gaming.
    also with new egg or micro center combo deals you could for 500-600 build a very good system that going to last you a few years. i would sit down with mom and dad and show them that the cheaper dell and hp and not worth the money that spent on them...do to there cheaper parts and lack of upgradeable. a lot of builders here will tell you if you buy good name brand parts most of them will come with life time warrantys on things like ram and video cards. cpu and hard drive depending if there oem or boxed will have a one to three year warranty. you also dont get all that bloatware that loaded on a dell or hp.
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