9600M GT how will it perform?

I am in need to buy a laptop and I got a good deal on a laptop that has the specs like:

9600M gt 512Mb
Intel core 2 duo P8400 @ 2.26Ghz
4gb DDR2 Ram

my quesiton is how will it perform in gaming? obviously it can't run newer games but what about games like World of warcraft and League of legends?
can I play it on high? and how will the fps be?

Thanks in advance
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  1. No way on high. Maybe on medium.. at best. It should run on low though really well. 9600m desktop equivalent would be GT 220.
  2. you cant play any modern games but wow will perform ok . also mention your lappys native screen resolution fo approx fps
  3. You're looking at 2009 hardware at best. What sort of deal are you getting?
  4. Scroll to the bottom it lists WOW and high would be 20fps on the 2005 version I assume you have the newest update so would be lower than that.


  5. The system requirements of World of Warcraft grew massively in recent years. My father's desktop which he uses to play WoW has 8600 GT in it. He can play on medium settings of textures, spells, but has to go low for liquids, view distance and has to turn shadows off completely. 8600 GT is similar to 9600m GT.
  6. You can probably find a cheap A6/A8 Llano laptop which would easily beat the 9600M GT with its integrated GPU. If you're lucky, you might even find a Sandy Bridge i5 + a decent discrete GPU on sale.
  7. Do you have other options OP? The laptop seems really, really old.

    Say this $500 laptop. Maybe the processor has low clock speeds, but the graphics is excellent. It will beat 9600M
  8. buy a hp dv6 laptop with i7 2670qm and hd 6770m for decent gaming performance
  9. Well I have 200 euros to spend and I could get the laptop I mentioned for like 100 euros. and the laptops native resolution was 1680x1050
  10. For 100 euros? GET IT NOW! You won't get anything better even for 200 euros. Seriously, it's very good for the price. Even though you won't be able to enjoy high graphic settings, but at least games will work.
  11. €100 you said? Pretty good deal I can say...
  12. That's 2008 technology, really. Good for the price, but playing game on it would be like using toilet paper for moping your floor.
  13. stingstang said:
    That's 2008 technology, really. Good for the price, but playing game on it would be like using toilet paper for moping your floor.

    Bad example. I always use toilet paper when I spill something :<. It will play world of warcraft OK.
  14. I appreciate your answers but what do you think about the CPU? How will it work with programming, picture editing etc. ?
  15. Of course, it will work like charm! Programming doesn't need a powerful computer, unless you're talking about projects that are in size of gigabytes
  16. Well I have a mid 2009 Macbook Pro with 9600M GT 256mb GDDR3 + 9400M, 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (P8800), 4 GB 1067MHz DDR3 RAM and a 1440x900 resolution display. In OS X I run league of legends on Ultra (except for shadows, to keep the FPS above 60) and in WoW I have mostly High settings and some ultra. Both games are run on native res. On windows (bootcamp) I can max out both games (if my drivers are up to date) with little to no problem. This GPU can play Black Ops maxed out and MW3 maxed out, but I think thats as far as it goes for maxing out games. You shouldn't underestimate this GPU, I did and when I ran planet side 2 I had (by default) all settings on medium and native res with no lag. My friends PC can't even get close to that even though his computer is much newer and has better hardware.
  17. Keep in mind that lots of these games rely on your CPU a lot too and my CPU can be compared to a bottom range i7 mobile CPU (I've even seen it beat one in a benchmark). Also I can run Ghost Recon Phantoms on Medium texture quality and native res and the FPS stays above 30.
  18. The GPU itself is good but a good CPU is required for the performance in games to stay above par. I'm pretty sure that my CPU is keeping my GPU going because if I had a crap CPU I wouldn't even be able to reach high settings with my GPU. (keep that in mind)
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