Need a good 2- 8pin power supply for dual 7970

I am planning to get dual 7970 in the near future they require 1-8pin and 1-6pin connectors..their max watts 250+250+130w(oc cpu) = 630W so 800w to 850w would be ok..

Question is where i get dual 8pin Power supply?!? everything has 1-8 pin!!!
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  1. your will have to use molex converter is suppose
  2. non modular i prefer because it's cheaper

    Did you even attempt to look yourself first? I guess not as nearly ANY decent brand high wattage PSU has what you somehow can't find.
  4. 2 x PCI-E 6+2-pin so thats the 8pin ok my fault thanks
  5. I believe my Antec EA750 Green has 4x6+2 plugs. If you are looking at 800W+ units and they only have one 8pin plug PLEASE don't buy it. It is VERY over rated as a PSU.
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