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Hi, I am building a new computer for gaming, well upgrading cpu, ill need to get a new motherboard too but right now i cant decide between cpu's im considering trying to save some moeny and going with an a10 5800k, but also looking into the amd 4100 and 6100, but ive also considered spending the extra money and buying a intel 2500k or a an amd 8150.
id like to know which cpu's are more powerfull, i heard the 2500k is pretty powerfull but im not sure i wanta spend that extra money. havent fully decided yet. and then ive ehard the i3 3300 i think it was called, it was one of the i3 is supposedly pretty good for a dual core, tho i really dont wanta go abck down to a dual core.

oh if it helps, i currently have a msi r6670 graphic card, which id like to upgrade someday but not sure how long down the road ill be able to afford a new gpu.
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  1. Don't you think it would make sense to mention what cpu your upgrading from??

    A10 5800K isn't meant to run with a graphics card, so that's out of the question. it's capable of running with a graphics card, but that wouldn't make any sense.

    AMD 4100 and 6100 are horrible for gaming, but you have a very low end video card, so it really doesn't matter.

    With such a low end video card, I'd recommend a Pentium G850/860 and use the rest of the money to upgrade your video card. Even a slower G630 beats out the 4100, 6100 and 8120 in most gaming tests. $70 $40 $32

    Total: $142

    Read this article:,3106-2.html
  2. i heard you can use the r6670 with the apu series in a dual graphics configuration, and im building two pcs, one was a amd athlon ii x2 250 and the other athlon ii x4 650
  3. at the risk of irritating a bunch of fanboys . .
    AMD Trinity for Desktops. Part 2: Socket FM2 Platform and AMD A10-5800K Processor Review. Page 11
    At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that according to our tests, Trinity processors are only attractive while there is no discrete graphics card in the picture. The thing is that x86 Piledriver cores are still not that fast in games compared with the competitors. And while it is not very important when the integrated graphics core is involved, because the gaming performance is in this case limited by the 3D graphics accelerator and doesn’t hit the bottleneck of the computing resources, then with faster external graphics this disappointing issue may surface pretty quickly.

    what geekapproved posted makes sense; most games rely on the gpu than cpu except in BF3 MP. but then if you have a mid range card matched with a i3 you will still get decent frame rates whereas a high end card will get choked by a lesser processor.

    an i3 with a 7850 is a phenomenal set up, an i3 with a 7870 will be great for single player games.
  4. New article from Techreport shows even a dual-core Pentium isn't the best choice for gaming these days.

    Average framerate is competitive with higher end AMD CPUs, but there is too much latency. You need to be able to handle 3 threads at least.

    I'd suggest an i3 (about equal to an FX-6xxx across the board, and better in games), but if you have the money, go for an i5 (leaps beyond anything but an i7). You won't regret it.
  5. Well for the FX cpu's being "horrible" in games I can say that my FX-8120 can handle any game I have(last count about 300 between Steam and Origin) and that is running them at 1080p ultra/high! But then again I do play my games instead of just running benchmarks. The only rig I have that gives me problems such as stutter and low frame rate is my i5 2500k/Nvidia 560ti and that is if I can get the GPU drivers to stop crashing long enough to actually start the game.
  6. As far as FX, forget it, the Phenom II 965 is a much better choice at $85. It'll destory a 8120 or 6200 or 4170.

    Read the first paragraph about the G630. The G850 I recommended is 200mhz faster.,3106-2.html

    No a dual core (w/o ht) isn't the best for MMO's like BF3, so if you can spend a little more a i3 would be better.
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