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It's time for my 4 year (plus) PC replacement that I hope to stretch another few years if possible. Therefore I saved up enough from not buying a new one every year to hopefully buy a great one now. Should I wait for Intel to add more cores to IB and/or use the bigger socket, wait for AMD to get their latest go-faster entry to market or jump in now and hope to upgade later? Yes, Moores kick in the butt dilemma. No, I can't build it myself. It's been too long and I really do have other things I have to other than build a PC from scratch. Hopefully there are plenty of others who know exactly how to get that done and will trade bucks for knowledge ithout having to pass a moronic corpo/government approved 5 year long certifuication regime.
As I remember from my Oracle Apps. days the certified people were more of the certifiable type than the genius type. So, give me a genius with dirty hands and a toolbelt over a PhD with a hundred sheepskins but not a single screwdriver to his name any day.
I am looking for a medium/high overclocked super fast but stable machine for CAD/CAM and DB searching plus use as a regular bus. desktop w. fast SSD and HDD mirrored on the HDD for backup and - speed, speed, multitasking and more speed. 2 monitors, fast internet connection(s) , supports 2 other laptops as a networked main PC, support for whatever gizmos I decide to add other than the usual from HD TV interface to home theatre or video support for games and plenty of expandability/upgrade for more power later on. I'd love to be able to pluck the CPU or MB out later on and keep right on going with whatever the latest speed demon is at that time.
I've read about the various standards, CPU's, GPU's (weren't these called "video cards" at one time?) , memory types and motherboards. Then there's peripherals and cases and coolers and.... arghhhhhh. I am sure I'll make a mistake and get a round A which won't fit in a square B. How about fast, reliable, upgradable and using standard components from real companies that won't disappear over the "we aren't Apple but we have great fruit" rainbow? No, I do not want an Apple. I cannot get into the guts of the thing or the code when it goes TU and I can do that if I have to with a PC. The last time I bought from a big box vendor I had their 'premier service' come out several times and ended up running them off after they kept wanting to strip the machine and reinstall everything because they really had no clue what to do. Then I fixed it myself. I'd rather do that as seldom as possible but no VW driving Geek is going to destroy my entire email, business file and photo files because they're impatient or refuse to actually look for an answer.
Anyway, I DO NOT CARE about lights, bells, sparkly crap that doesn't add power or functionality. Who makes the best beast? Is it Cyberpower (seems like low end options on their 'upgrade list'), Falcon, Digital Storm ("game on" or "game only" ?), MainGear or ???? Should I just search for a real super techie that can do this build and not disappear at the first sign of problems? I don't mind paying but I want to get everything I pay for. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
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  1. I normally just give (hopefully helpful) posts with advise but you are asking something right up my alley.

    Where are you located? I own and operate a small boutique computer shop and this is pretty much what we do and we're pretty damn good at it. We're in California and I've been in business seven years with a golden track record. If you're interested, check out our site at and if you aren't, good luck on finding the right machine for you!
  2. There will always be something better on the horizon, that's how this works.
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