Side Fan issues!

Okay, so I've an Xclio Godspeed One Advanced case (the nicer one, with the mesh grill :P), and the two 180mm side fans no longer work, is there any way how I can replace them, maybe with smaller fans if possible? I know the fans are dead because not even the LEDs work.
I need twin fans that pass through the same wire to connect it to my fan controller, and from there a Peripheral Molex.

But as you can imagine, it's no easy feat! I've oogle'd and google'd to no avail, so I was wondering what advice is there? I'm saving up to upgrade my Graphics Card, so buying a new case is my last option till like a while after Christmas! ;)

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  1. SilverStone has some 180mm fans at newegg, but over $25 each, they are not what one would call cheap.

    You case lacks the holes for 140mm fans, so you would need an adapter to go that route.
  2. Thanks for the reply
    Yeah, I've seen <a href="">this</a> for like around £15, if I was to get two, how would I go about making them one to plug them into my fan controller?
  3. @ 700 rpm, I think they should be rather quiet.

    A y cable can be used as long as they do not take more power(0.50a or 6 watts for 2 of them) then the stock fans.

    Also note that they are rated down to about 7 volts, so if you want to go lower, you will have to spin em up with at least 7 first. If you try to start lower, they may not work or get damaged.

    You say your old fans BOTH failed. That in it self is strange. Have you tried to run them without the fan controller?

    Ohh and HTML is off on this forum so..



    EDIT, just looked at the controller cable. Does that one control the LED's as well?
  4. Thanks for the code :na:
    My current fans have a 4 pin Male connector, and I have nowhere to plug them into other than the controller, :(
    and yes, the controller controls the LEDs aswell.
  5. You may have to follow the cables to figure this one out. So the dial speeds them up and each switch turns a fan led on or off?

    If so, you will need the + and - wires from the dial to connect to a fan splitter, but this means making your own adapter.

    The new fans LED's will be on all the time but will dim a bit with fan speeds.

    Worst case, I would see if 800 rpm is ok for you noise wise and if it is, just connect them to the power supply.
  6. Ok, cheers for the info nukemaster!

    I think I'll save up for a new case after I get a better GPU, or try a splitter, leaving out my controller! :)
  7. You can get 4 pin molex to 3 pin fan plugs for rather cheap if you plan to connect to your power supply. Many fans even come with them. If you have built systems in the past, look around, you make already have some :)
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