Which PSU is gonna be better?

Hi all, I think my PSU is on its way out because it was only a cheap (£25) 450 watt when i brought it around 2 years ago for my old PC.
But recently i upgraded my case, motherboard, processor, ram, gpu, and hard drives and threw in a few more LED case fans and some cold cathode tubes. I presumed it would be okay because one of those online wattage calculators said 400watt should be enough. :non:
The system is overclocked a little and for the last month or so its been working fine but over the last 2 weeks the PC has started randomly turning off (just dies) and it wont turn back on by just pressing the power button, I have to reset the PSU by turning the switch on the back on and off. But now it doesnt just die at times where the computer is playing games or some other powerful tasks, it can die when its idle or just on facebook.

So i'm gonna upgrade the PSU before the old one completely dies. I have a budget of maximum £50.

Here are a few I have been looking at:

I was looking for a PSU around the 600 watt+ mark.
Here are my system specs -

AMD fx-8120 @4.0 GHz ~ 4.5GHz
8gb ddr3 1333MHz kingston value ram (2 x 4gb)
Gigabyte 970a-ds3 motherboard
Asus EAH6670 1gb gddr5 (HD 6670)
Standard dvd-rw sata drive
60gb OCZ agility3 sata3 SSD
250gb sata2 hdd
500gb sata2 hdd
200gb sata hdd
CIT blue mars case
Maplin blue cold cathode kit
and 4 case fans (2 are bue led ones)
oh and a generic 3.5" card reader+usb

Please dont start suggesting 70 odd quid psu's because i really cant afford one at the moment
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  1. If you use a cheap power supply unit you may end up with a trashed system. The MOST important item in a system is the power supply, it is what powers the all the componets with clean ripple free no noise power, don't cut corners on a power supply! Read some reviews on hrdwaresecrets.com about power supplies, you will get an idea of what I'm talking about.
  2. If you want a 600W+ PSU then none of those units are going to fit the bill as they are extremely unlikely to deliver anywhere near their rated power.

    This would handle your system much more easily than any of the ones you've listed:
    OCZ ZT Series 550W (£50 @ CCL Online)
  3. All those are really really awful

    Powercool are doorstops with wires

    Cit sounds a bit like sh!t for a reason.

    This would suffice for the total of £36 XFX PSU's are made by seasonic so this is a solid unit

    XFX Pro 450W Power Supply Unit

    If you want higher wattage

    OCZ ZT Series 550W Power Supply

    OCZ ZS Series 650W Power Supply
  4. the wattage calculator was probably right about power consumption, however the reality is that your (supposedly) 450w psu is a piece of junk. i'm betting the 12v rail doesn't supply many amps & that it's only rated for a low temp. for about the £35 mark Corsair 430W V2 CX & Antec VP450P are also solid deals. as cost is an issue there's a few options so you can shop around & hopefully find a supplier that will offer you free delivery :)
  5. & +1 on CiT being a bag of sh*t - had personal experience with them a few years back when a family member bought a new psu for his pc. the thing went into meltdown & took his hdd with alot of personal irreplaceable data on, not a happy day.
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