Which Version Suitable for 3 systems

I am not sure as to which version will be the most economical to buy Windows 7 for following configurations:
1. 3 PC's
2. 2 PC & 1 Laptop.
And How many licences are available for each of these versions, i.e. Home, professional and Ultimate. What is the Starter version.
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    Starter edition isn't available to purchase serparately... it only comes preloaded on certain computers. If you have 3 computers, then Home Premium is the most economical, given that you can purchase a 3-user edition.
  2. Zoron is referring to the 3-license Family Pack, which (unfortunately) is sold out in the US. There will not be any more made available. (It was 3 Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade licenses sold for $150, but it now goes for $280 on Amazon). Still, if you want to upgrade 3 PCs, its cheaper than the $330 you'd have to pay if you bought an individual upgrade license for each PC.
  3. cool, I will check it out
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