XFX GTX 260 Black edition Vs Asus 1024Mb ATi Radeon HD 6770

Which one do you think is better for gaming, I only have a 1280*1024 rez screen so thats basically the resolution I need. They are both ~ 70-80 pounds..so what do you think?
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  1. 260 may be a bit faster but 6770 is a newer card with newer and better features.
  2. also the ati card will run cooler. the 260 is still the old g90 chip that runs around 50c standard. I have the gtx 250 card and it does run hot.
  3. I'm really concerned only about frame-rates!
  4. there will be hardly 3~5 fps difference.you can overclock 6770 for better performance.it also has more vram.
  5. the 6770 supports dx11, and that 260 does not. If you don't care about image quality at all, then get the 260.
  6. it is an older card where as 6770 is a newer card.overall 6770 is a better buy :P
  7. is it such a big difference between dx11 and dx 10?
  8. If it is the 192 shader GTX 260 it's just a little bit faster. But if it is the 216 shader GTX 260 than it is significantly faster (READ: faster than a Radeon 4870). If it is the 55nm 216 shader GTX 260 than it is definitely better as the 55nm GT200b chip overclocks pretty well making it as fast or in some cases faster than the GTX 280.

    Most games use DX9, while the games that do use DX11 usually just add tessellation and a few DOF and lighting effects with DX10 still providing very good looking graphics (take a look at Crysis Warhead).
  9. I have ordered the XFX GTX 260! Thanks guys!
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