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I need to replace by bad video card - but I cannot boot into NORMAL mode to uninstall old drivers. My computer only boots into SAFE MODE. Uninstall does not work in SAFE MODE in Vista since the Uninstall service does not get loaded. So how do I uninstall my old drivers before I put in the new card?

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  1. You need to go to your device manager and find the device to which driver you need to uninstall. There's a simple 'uninstall driver' button once you find the device. Also, you need to have the new driver installed during this process.
  2. But you cannot uninstall in SAFE MODE in Vista, since the Uninstall service is not loaded. And I cannot boot into NORMAL MODE because the video card is bad, it will only boot into SAFE MODE.
  3. just plug the new graphics cards, and than uninstall the "BAD" graphics card driver.
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