Can someone please recommend me a psu!

I need a psu thats capable of runnning my system and must be £50 or under.
what do you suggest? the psu calculators online suggest 550watt minimum.

AMD FX-8120 @ 4.0GHz ~ 4.5GHz
gigabyte ga-970a-ds3
2 x 4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram
asus eah6670 1gb gddr5 (hd 6670)
3 hard drives
1 ssd
1 dvd drive

gotta have at least 4 molex and 4 sata power leads
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  1. first of all

    -the i5 3570k is much better than the fx. if you are getting fx, id suggest waiting for the 8350.
    -look for 1600mhz ram. the gskill ares 1600mhz is only 34.99 after MIR
    -get at least a 7870. a 6670 looks stupid with a 200 dollar chip
    -get 1 hard drive rather than 3. if its just 3 random ones that you already have, go ahead.

    if you only plan on running one video card

    if you are going to pony up to at least a 7870 and do a dual video card setup in the future, get this
  2. He said "My system" not the system I will be getting. Second of all not everyone is a gamer......

    A system with an HD 6670 only needs a recommended, quality 400w power suupply.

    Stick with Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax, OCZ or Antec for quality brands.
  3. I´d get a 500 Watt for an eventual CrossFireX.

    Corsair CP-9020047-UK Builder Series CX 500W

    If you do not want CrossFireX in the future, then get Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430W
  4. While I'm not sure whether or not they can provide the connectors you need (though I can't imagine they wouldn't), from a quality standpoint the Corsairs jemm recommended are some of the best you can get for under 50 pounds. The other I'd recommend would be this XFX PRO450W.
  5. if he was to be doing a budget workstation, he would have been using 16gb of ram and a even cheaper video card
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