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I posted a thread about the fans in a PSU a while ago, and I'm about to purchase a new one today. However before I make a decision I would appreciate if someone a little more knowledgeable clarify so things for me.

My biggest concern with the PSU's that were suggested to me by the users on this forum was the location of the fan ( I have a ATX slot for my computer). When looking at the suggestions, one of the units had a fan at the rear where the power cable connects, and like 90% of the others had the fan on the bottom. I created a thread about this and was told that either would work in my computer, and that the difference is about how I want the airflow to work.

My current computer, a Dell Studio XPS 8100 has an outdated 350W PSU with the fan in the rear. All the suggestions I was given were 500W PSU's, but I would like to get something a tad more powerful because I have money to burn. So like every single PSU that I can find above 500W seems to have the fan on the bottom. So I opened my case to look at how its setup and the casing that holds the PSU in place seems to have nothing on the bottom as far as an opening that would allow for ventilation with a bottom fan. So basically Im thinking that a fan on the bottom of a new PSU wouldn't seem to work with airflow....
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  1. the psu wont really contribute to the airflow. just leave the fan facing upwards if there is no fan grill at the bottom of the case for the psu to breath through

    heres a 550w psu
  2. If you have money to burn you don't necessarily have to buy a higher wattage PSU, you could buy a higher quality PSU instead.
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