A little help trying to get the rite res for my tv

my tv's native res is 1366x768 but windows recomends 1360x768 its advertised as having 1080i 720p, but if i try to set 1080i i get thses weird fuzzy verticle lines on ground textures that move up or down when moving, seen best on dark textures and i only really notice it on the ground wich i dont get with 1360x768, i dont really understand why that is tbh, also if i try to set as 1080i, i have to use gpu scaling to make it fit the desktop. in my tv manual it says to connect tv to pc using vga, im using hdmi, could this be why, it says to connect using vga and set res to 1366x768. thing is if i try setting tv to that, it only lets me have 30hz wich it says in ctalyst control centre, but my tv says its 60hz, in the manual it says, try 1366x768 at either 50hz, 60hz, or 75hz, but catalyst only lets me have 30hz or 60 hz according to my tv, if i try changing the hz for 1366x768 it just changes the res to something lower, any ideas why that is, got any techy people in here?
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  1. also forgot to mention if i set it to 1080i i get black borders and the text is very small
  2. anyone
  3. is your TV 1080i capable?
  4. yeah it says on the box 1080i, 720p
  5. but says in the manual to set to 1366x768, and thats the native res, it says connecting by vga, but does it matter if its hdmi? it wont let me have 1080i at anything other then 30hz in catalyst but on my tv it says 60hz, like i said if i try to change the hz it changes res.
  6. What make and model TV?
  7. thanks for the reply, its a cheap, tescos, teknika. model number:lcd 32-244
  8. 1360x768 is the best you're going to get.

    1080i. 'i' draws half the screen every refresh, odd lines then even lines, back and forth. Thats why catalyst control center only shows 30 hz, because thats how often the whole screen is being refreshed. Another drawback of 'i'nterlace is that you will experience screen tearing because every other line isn't synced.

    1080i is ok for movies without much action, but when being used for computer screen its best to use progressive scan, in this case 720p, and with overscan 1360x768.
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