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first i will note that i have read the stickied thread about setting up eyefinity but i didn't find the answer to my question. i have got my hands on three dell u2412m monitors for a great price. i am running a sapphire reference 6950 crossfired with a sapphire flex 6950, they are both unlocked and oced to 900/1400 @1.2v.

now since the flex allows for three monitors connected by dvi with its dvi to hdmi adaptor, i am wondering whether i should connect two of them with dvi and the third display port, or would it be better to go with 2 dvi and connect the third one with the included dvi to hdmi adaptor?

thanks in advance :bounce:
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  1. It really doesn't matter. Both choices will give you the same result, unless you are running @ 120hz.
  2. For Eyefinity to work, you must have a monitor that supports the DP, if you don't...you must have an Active DP to HDMI/DVI....without this you're not gonna have Eyefinity.
  3. the sapphire flex cards allow for 3 monitor eyefinity without displayport.

    Sapphire FleX Technology

    3 DVI Eyefinity Out of the Box

    Targeting maximum flexibility with minimum outlay, Sapphire FleX Technology simplifies AMD’s multi-monitor Eyefinity solution by allowing 3 X DVI monitors to be connected to the board ‘out of the box’ WITHOUT the requirement for expensive DisplayPort monitors or Active Adapters.
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to connect all three monitors via displayport? (I don't have the monitors yet to try it myself, just trying to figure out how I am going to set them up)
  5. Not sure why you'd want to go with three displayport connections. With the flex edition as the primary card, connect the monitors via the two DVI ports and the HDMI port (using the supplied HDMI to DVI adapter).

    -Wolf sends
  6. @alduin
    Thx for that info, i will look it up. But the DP is still required for more than 3 monitors in Eyefinity setup.

    Speaking about Eyefinity, one issue that comes up time and time again is Multi Stream Transport (MST) hubs. We were introduced to MST hubs back with the launch of the 6800 series, which allowed a single DP 1.2 port to drive up to 4 monitors by taking advantage of the high bandwidth of DP1.2 and embedding transport streams for several monitors into the signal. The purpose of MST hubs was so that users could use several monitors with a regular Radeon card, rather than needing an exotic all-DisplayPort “Eyefinity edition” card as they need now.
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