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Hello again everybody,
Previously I had posted the compatibility check of ASUS XONAR DX7.1ch sound card with Logitech Z506 Surround Speakers to which I got the best answer i.e YES.
Now,as my budget has been increased so i was looking forward to get very good quality speakers such as the Logitech Speaker System Z906.

Q:Is the mentioned speaker system Z906 compatibile with ASUS XONAR DX 7.1ch sound card?
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    It can use a digital optical, digital coaxial, RCA audio or 3.5 mm .

    So yes it would work as your sound card has 3.5mm connectors.

    Here is a review (kind of) of the Z906 -
  2. I don't really know about sound connections or so but what do you suggest "the proper connection to make" via : RCA,Digital Optical or Digital Coaxial or S/PDIF to stated sound card?

    Note: The sound card comes with a TOSLINK adapter of some kind.
  3. Well optical or 3.5mm connections will be fine
    The system uses 3 3.5mm jacks for each channel (rear/front/Centre+subwoofer) and they are removable.

    Optical won't be affected by frequencies (makes a noise when you get a phone call or message for example won't happen on optical), not sure about setting optical up, 3.5mm and RCA are basically the same thing and both are easy to set up.

    I would use Optical if your sound card has an optical (TOSLINK) connector, if it doesn't then use 3.5mm.

    Not sure on S/PDIF.
  4. Yeah a phone call or even a message makes a hell of a noise in my stupid current speakers that too 5-6 sec before the call or message even comes. I hate that.
    I hope that does not happen on this setup as the sound card n the speakers have got very positive reviews.

    That said,sound card pakage contains only one TOSLINK adapter! But there are atleast 3 connections to be made to setup the Z906 , would I need 2 more TOSLINK adapters or the provided one is enough?
  5. I don't think you need 3, i think they are there so that you can switch between devices (DVD player, console, computer.etc) as consoles only have 1 optical output and so do TVs most of the time.
  6. I see.

    So,in all I supppose the sound card and the speaker system are compatible with each other.

    Thanks for the help!
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  8. Yes they are compatible.

    Your welcome.
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