Help with PSU with a new card

Hey everyone, I have a quick question.
I am thinking about upgrading from my current GTX 460 card to a GTX 560 ti 448 cores Classified Ultra. Currently my PSU is a 630 Watt and wondering if it will do.

My Current Rig:
CPU- Phenom X4 3.7 GHZ
Ram- 6GB of SDDR3
PSU- 630Watt
GPU- GTX 460 768MB
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  1. What kind of 630 watt is it? Is it from quality brand (quality brands are Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, xfx, OCZ, and for some reason people think Coolermaster is a good brand, while it's crap), then it will be more then enough.
  2. it should be able to handle it i play with two great big old power hogs and it s on an 680w apevia which i think is a great brand i play with 9800gtx+ sli
  3. Its a raidmax

  4. please do not trust a $50 PSU to a $280-$300 graphics card .
  5. Anonymous said:
    please do not trust a $50 PSU to a $280-$300 graphics card .

    lol more money gone, anyways what do you suggest, because my CPU takes out 125 Watts and the new card i want is going to take 550 Watts.
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