Silverstone FT03 mini and 450w PSU


I am about to build myself a new system based on the below parts. I am unsure about the case/PSU though and would appreciate your thoughts.

Case – Silverstone FT03 mini ITX
PSU – Silverstone SST-ST45SF 450W
CPU –Intel Core i5 3750K (with stock fan)
Motherboard – Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe Mini ITX
Memory – Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 8GB - CML8GX3M2A1600C9
GPU – Asus GTX670 Direct CUII Top -GTX670-DC2T-2GD5
Hard Drive – Samsung HD502HJ (500GB) / OCZ Vertex3 120GB / Samsung 830 256Gb (boot)
DVD Drive – Samsung SN-208BB/BEBE DVD Writer (slim)
OS – Windows 7 Professional OEM

System used for games (Diablo3 etc), internet, office work. No overclocking expected.

Will the PSU be ok for this setup? I can not find anything with more power

Or suggestions as to another similar in size case

Thank you
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  1. First off, the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP 2GB is 27.2cm long according to Asus's website. According to the Silverstone webpage the FT03-Mini can only take cards up to 10"/25.4cm long, so that card won't fit according to that info.

    Although I would expect the SST-ST45SF to be able to power a GTX 670.
  2. :(

    Bugger!! never saw that one Back to the drawing board then.

    What would the ideal sized power supply for the stated parts then? I like the build parts but need (would like) a small and relatively quiet case (without spending a fortune on fans).

    Others I looked at are the Silverstone SG08 or at a push the T03 normal
  3. measured the power consumption of a system that contained an i5-2500K and the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP 2GB GTX670-DC2T-2GD5 graphics card. They measured a 215W draw at the wall, I believe under Batman Arkham City. So anything that has the right connectors and can deliver that much power continuously and reliably is enough.

    The SST-ST45SF has 432W combined on it's +12V rails. And reviews have shown it capable of delivering it's rated power at high temperatures.

    The PSU in the Sugo SG08 (SST-ST60F-SG) is likely to be quieter than the SST-ST45SF. This is because it has a larger and thicker 12cm fan, so it should have to spin less fast to keep the unit cooler.
    The SST-ST45SF has a noise rating of 18-38dBA, while the SST-ST60F-SG has a noise rating of 17-30dBA.
    However the cables on the SST-ST60F-SG are very long; too long for such a small case. In some ways I think the SST-ST45SF is more suited to the SG08.

    There are some GTX 670s which are less than 10" long, mostly of the reference design though.

    The only cases that I can think of which might suit your needs and are fairly small are the Lian Li PC-Q08 and the Lian Li PC-TU200. Although I think I would go for the Sugo SG08 before these two.
  4. If I go with the SG08 and parts as listed (really do like the Asus 670):

    A. Would the twin fans be a problem with the case (I know I dont have to use the fan duct thing)?

    B. Do you think it would be relatively quiet overall? (not sure how loud 30db is in real terms lol)
  5. A. I don't think that the twin fans would be a problem. Not sure what you mean by the 'fan duct thing'.

    B. I think it stands a fair chance of being quiet. Personally I would want to install a CPU cooler to increase the cooling capacity, while reducing the noise level at the same time.

    TBH I don't know what 30dBA is like in real terms either, decibel ratings are quite subjective at the best of times anyway. But maybe to give you an idea of what 30dBA is like, according to Silverstone anyway, the fan used in the SST-ST60F-SG is a Power Logic PLA12025B12M-2 fan, which has a maximum fan speed of 1800RPM and noise rating of 33dBA from Power Logic. But your PSU shouldn't have to be at full load ever with the system that you've got.
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