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I have an i5-3570k, and I was fine with it - until now.
You know how these CPUs underclock themselves to save energy? Yes, well mine stays at that clock (around 1608 MHz according to CPU-Z) all the time.
Even when I'm playing games or running Cinebench, it stays like that. Heat isn't the problem, it never goes above 40 degrees with my air cooler.
I went into the BIOS and disabled the Intel SpeedStep thing - it still stays underclocked. I've refleashed the BIOS, erasing my overclock, still it continues.
Does anyone please have any advice? :fou:
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  1. Try putting your BIOS settings to default and see if the problem persists.
  2. Just tried that. I first noticed this when I fired up Borderlands 2. And started getting 30 FPS with a GTX 670 :(
    Really annoyed. I've done everything I can think of doing.
  3. That screenshot doesn't work for me :( Rather, I can't look at it. Could you upload it to a website such as Photobucket? :)
  4. Make sure the maximum processor state is 100% in power settings.
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