Corsair Obsidian 650D+H80 BEST SETUP

Hi, whats the best setup up for H80 fitting in an Obsidian 650D and what airflow is the best?

I was thinking this:

- front 200mm fan: intake
- top 200mm fan : outake
- back H80 : intake

Is that ok? Btw H80 fits in there or blocks the memory slots on my motherboard?

thank u very much!
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  1. As far as 120mm fans I think that the best are Cougar fans!
  2. I got 2 gentle typhoons for H80. What about the airflow and the position of H80 inside the chassis? What about the actual question of this thread? :P
  3. dont bother with the 650D. my friend has one and it was pretty toasty and loud and dusty.

    for a cooler, id suggest the noctua nh-d14 (looks bad but is much better than the h80)

    if you want a h80, id suggest the cougar fans. more static pressure than the GTs but slightly louder than the GTs
  4. sorry my english are not very good
  5. I have already buy 650d + H80 , so whats a good setup for airflow and positioning the cooler? ty
  6. put it on the 120mm rear exhaust mount in push pull with cougar fans. id use as intake as the 650d needs the positive air pressure to prevent dust
  7. So this is correct?

    - front 200mm fan: intake
    - top 200mm fan : outake
    - back H80 : intake on push pull (if not fit the second fan what i do?)
  8. I was also thinking of adding an extra 120mm fan in the 5,25 drives as intake. Will it help? ty alot for ur help!!
  9. I've seen people put the rad as an intake so it gets cooler air.
  10. in the 5.25 bays, you cant add another fan if there is a 200mm there. what you just said is good
  11. thanks a lot guyz
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