Dead 8800 GTS (Most Likely) Replacement Suggestions

Hey everybody. Several years ago I threw together a cheap computer and then dropped a decent graphics card (8800 GTS) in it. Last night it finally died on me. It was either Rango or Fallout 2.. For some reason I think it was the latter.

Anyway, I need the advice of professionals before I throw another card into my old machine. I've looked at a few threads that closely matched my concern but finally decided to err on the side of caution and ask. For my system specs listed below what would you guys suggest?

This or that card?

Buy a new PSU?

Scrap the whole thing and say fair thee well?

Windows Vista 32 Bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.5 Ghz
4.00 GB of Ram
450 GB HDD
350w PSU (I think the manufacturer is Delta.. Not sure)

I would appreciate any help you guys could give.

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  1. you have a budget in mind?
  2. Didn't see this post until after I posted but here is some more data.


    BUDGET RANGE: $150 Max

    USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Mostly simple video and some mildly graphics intensive games. I do intend to play Guild Wars 2.

    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States

    PARTS PREFERENCES: No Preference


  3. First you need to say what you intend to do with your machine. Do you want to play the latest games, like Battlefield 3 or Skyrim? Or use it just for lighter/older games like HL2? Or not game at all?
  4. I will probably get back into Skyrim so that would probably be the top of graphical requirements. The only reason i didn't get into Battlefield 3 was my old card.

    Sorry about that sparse opening post.
  5. Nvidia - 460 or a 550 ti
    AMD - 6850 or a 7750

    Those 4 cards are in your budget and can easily run Skyrim. I have a 460 and run the game at max (with visual enhancing mods +hd textures) with an i7 920 that's NOT overclocked. Keep in mind that Nvidia sponsored Skyrim, so therefore, performance will be better too with an Nivida card.
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    Could do a $100 6770 (any brand or a similar price point nVidia) since it will get the job done well at 1280X1024 and add a 500W Corsair PSU on sale for $40 (

    That would give you a nice graphics bump (and DX11) at your budget and a more reliable PSU.

    Edit: I wouldn't put *any* new GPU in a computer with a generic 350W PSU but it's your dime and time :)
  7. I have a GTX 560 and I play BF3 at 1980x1024 with all settings on high and anti-aliasing at 2x, and it gives me a constant 40 FPS or so even in crowded servers. I only bought the 560 (rather than the 15% or so better 560 Ti) because the difference in price between those two cards here in Brazil is significant. In the USA it should be minimal, so get the 560 Ti, a great card and not expensive.

    Your CPU could possibly become a bottleneck and limit your FPS, although I doubt it.

    P.S: I would follow Jed's advice and buy that Corsair PSU, it's very cheap at that price. The GTX 560 Ti would draw alot more power which your 350 W PSU might not cope with.
  8. Nice CPU. To answer your question, if you wish to upgrade your gfx, for 1280x1024, either a 6850 or a 7750 will be perfect.

    The only downside, is if you move from an Nvidia to an ATI GFX card, I would very highly recommend a Win OS upgrade (and an excuse to move to Win7 the better) also note, a newer Operating system is also better designed to utilise your quad core CPU.

    If you choose NOT to upgrade your Operating system, you will need to absolutely need to remove ALL TRACE of nvidia drivers from your rig, as THEY WILL interfere with the AMD drivers.

    I have done a heck of a lot of research on this subject after my own 8800GT died on me 2 months ago.

    Personally, as I have that res panel myself I went for a 6870 for upgrade purposes.

    Your PSU will need to be replaced, a 350W generic PSU is to be blunt, crap. And after 3-4 years of use, you'd struggle to pull 250W from it.

    If you want your computer to be better in the future, if you buy a decent PSU now you will have overclocking room for your components.
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  10. Thanks for all the help guys.

    After looking at the reviews and the values available I decided to go ahead and get the 6770 and the 500w PSU.

    Now I will just have to familiarize myself with removing and installing the PSU. Maybe figuring that out will get me in line to actually build my own rig the next time this one has a meltdown.

    Thanks again.
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